Your Own Personal Plumber

My accountant. My doctor. My banker.  All these phrases sound familiar.  They’re trusted advisors with specific areas of expertise we can confidently call when we need them.  We’d like to introduce a new phrase to the list:  MY PLUMBER.  You need a plumber you can trust to give you the best recommendations and be committed to your needs.

That’s what Grandville Plumbing, Inc. is all about.  As our customer, you will love the benefits of having your own personal plumber.

Jeff Vandenberg founded the company with this goal in mind.  He’s a licensed master plumber with over 25 years experience.  

One conversation with Jeff and you know you’re in good hands.  His passion for plumbing is matched only by the depth of his knowledge and experience.  You can see his genuine care for customers immediately upon meeting him.

Grandville Plumbing, Inc. and its employees strongly believe in serving others first, whether that’s through community service, charitable work, or as your own personal plumber.  When you have a plumber who enjoys what he does, you get a positive experience you’ll want to relive any time you’re met with a plumbing issue.

Call JEFF VANDENBERG, Master Plumber
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